I keep receiving network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer

  • 13 January 2013
  • 5 replies

Music is playing intermittently though... how can I solve - don't want to use cable as this defeats the purpose ... have tried moving bridge - doesn't work.

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5 replies

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Greetings, That error, unfortunately, is very generic. Any time there is a time out or static causing a drop you will get that error. Please send me a diagnostic and I will be better able to advise you further. Diagnostic: Using the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC 1. Click Help 2. Click Submit Diagnostics... 3. Post the Number and tell me about your system. What kind of computer are you using? What Router are you using, do you know the model number? Also any other details you may think are a factor.
I have been having this only while playing Apple Music. Changed channels, doesn't work. Submitted a diagnostic, getting a reply that wifi interferences were detected. don't know how to remove interference. Still cannot play Apple Music.
Try changing the channel on your router to either 1, 6 or 11, pick the one that it's not currently using. Also, turn off auto-switching of router channels, if your router has that feature.

Check to make sure your speakers aren't near some other device that might be generating a signal. Sonos reps point to web cams, baby monitors, and some wireless phones. Remember, the actual "smarts" of the Sonos system is in the speakers, not in the controller, so if your speakers are getting the interference, that's when you'll get that error.

Finally, if you're running your system completely on your wifi, give some consideration to switching over to using SonosNet, which would require having one device (speaker, Connect, or Boost) wired directly to your router with an ethernet cable. This will remove the Sonos traffic from your wifi, and put it onto its own network. You can then choose which channel it should be broadcasting on as well, which should be not the same one as your current wifi.

Oh, and post the number of the diagnostic here. I'm willing to bet that the Sonos folks get a lot of them every day, and if you don't tell them what number to be looking at, you may not get a reply.
Thanks. I tried to switch channels. It helped little. The strange thing is only Apple Music is getting disrupted, all other music services are OK.
I will re-submit a diagnostic.

Many thanks!