How do I rename a speaker?

  • 1 December 2016
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Struggling to find how to rename a speaker eg from kitchen to lounge

Best answer by testcard 1 December 2016, 18:15

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20 replies

Settings->Room Settings->(Room Name), then select the room name and edit.
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Settings > select current room name e.g. Kitchen. Tap Kitchen then Room Name on same screen and select new name.
Thanks for that but I can't find Room Settings in my Settings options. I'm using the Sonos App on iPhone
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If you're running the current Beta a lot of the Settings options are disabled in iOS.
To be honest I'm a novice at this. I haven't changed anything since the original set up approx 18 months ago. Can you advise where and what Beta is? Thanks
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OK. On iPhone, open the Sonos app. At the top of the screen you should see the name of the current room e.g. Kitchen or Lounge. Tap on the room name, then tap the gear icon bottom right. Now you should see your current rooms. Tap the room you want to edit, then tap Room Name on the next screen. Select new name from the list.
Beta is software for the controller app that users can sign up to and test for bugs before the new software is released to all users. Best to avoid for now as it removes a lot of functionality from your controller app in iOS. The new software should be out soon.
No gear icon after tapping on room selection. To the left of the room name is a drop down with the settings icon on but after selecting it, no room settings option, as mentioned.
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No gear icon at the bottom right of the rooms screen? Have you updated your Sonos app to the latest version?
No, that just came to me that I haven't done it. I'll give it a whirl Shirl and follow your advice... Never tangle with a novice! Thanks again
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Try updating and see if that works. I've added a screenshot to show the gear icon bottom right.
Go to Settings (the gear icon) and then About Your Sonos System. Check the Version numbers on the Controller and the player units. If they players are on version 7 and the controller app is version 6.x.x, you are running the beta. You would need to either edit the Room name from another controller (PC/Mac/Android), remove oneself from the beta*, or wait until the final release.

*Note: Removing oneself from the beta is a little tricky right now. See the details here:
We're there. Thanks testcard. Just needed the update
Thanks jgatie
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Glad you got there!
Cant seem to find anyway to rename a room in version 7.2 of both Iphone and PC software. Anyone able to help?
Problem solved. I had one Play1 that would not update due to a fault which subsequently disabled ability to rename rooms from PC software the way I had previously. Powered down the faulty unit which subsequently removed itself from the system was then able to rename rooms.
Need to replace the faulty Play1 now!
Interesting. I'd be sure to check that the unit is permanently faulty, rather than temporarily faulty. I've had many issues across many devices that disappear/fix themselves after a reboot/power cycle. Might save yourself a few bucks just to check 🙂
As a google search for "sonos change speaker name" still (2018-12-11) shows this as first result:
In (Windows) Desktop Controller v9.3 the option to rename a speaker ist no longer available.
I've just rejigged all my speakers (I have six now) and I have just figured out where I put what. And now their names don't match the rooms they're in, so I went to the desktop app and tried to rename them. Then I went to the FAQ which talks about ... How to rename a speaker: "Open the Sonos app on a mobile device, and go to Settings > Room Settings.Choose a room to rename."

But it isn't there? So I checked help/tech/forums and found the note below, giving a link to the Updates.

Seriously? You REMOVED stuff from the desktop app because it was "underused" ???
Wow, please put it all back - including RENAME A ROOM!
Yes I do have the mobile app, but I hardly use that - I am on my computer more than my phone. I pretty much use my phone just to make PHONE CALLS!
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Well now just use it and change the names.