Can I play 2 different Spotify Playlists simultaneously on a Sonos System?

  • 27 February 2014
  • 7 replies

Hi - Just got my first Play 1 and Bridge last week and am blown away by how good Sonos is.  I will undoubtedly be adding to my system soon but wondered in advance whether I would be able to play 2 (or more) different Spotify playlists/tracks on different speakers? I am a Spotify Premium subscriber (if that makes a difference?). Thanks.

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7 replies

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Yes, it is possible to play a different playlist in each of your Sonos players.
At home I'm currently rocking 4 Spotify playlists simultaneously throughout the household.
Love it. That's a great feature.  Thanks for the speedy response.
Why can't sonos play local songs from my Spotify playlist?
Why can't sonos play local songs from my Spotify playlist?

Local downloads are protected by Spotify DRM, and they would have to release the DRM scheme to Sonos. Most companies, Spotify included, refuse to release their DRM code to a third party.
I have read on this bulletin board that sonos is able to play local songs from google play. If this is true has google released their drm code to sonos?
I don't believe that Google Play includes a DRM on their files. I know that several years ago, Apple abandoned it as well.

I'd suspect that Spotify's requirement in doing so has more to do with their licensing agreements with the music providers than a real desire to hinder your ability to listen, however.
Your assumption is reasonable but it's annoying that I have to add these local songs to a separate sonos playlist. Maybe this irritant will be resolved one day.