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  • 5 January 2024
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I originally posted this in another chat here, but it was the wrong area I think. Let's try this here. 

So, I have a pair of klipsch aw650s, that I put up outside for summer time. Currently they are inside though, with Sonos AMP connected to the TV, sub, and sonos ones. In this room, right now, I have sub, two fives, two ones, and the klipsch speakers. While sub is good for tv, I want something better for music, I am thinking svs pb3000. I would like to sell the fives and sub, they aren't as loud as the klipsch and I like the sound of the klipsch better. 

With that said, I would like to get a third party amp, a port, and two new inside speakers. The speakers will be hooked up to the tv with AMP, and the new sub. But I want the port and new amp to power the outdoor speakers when they get hung back up outside. Or the inside speakers I don't really care. I have run wiring for an amp to power the speakers outside, through an exterior wall. 

I am looking for third party stuff, as $700 for AMP seems like a lot. Any suggestions on speakers to connect to AMP and the tv? And suggestions on an amp to power the aw650s while using port? I would like to stay inside of a $1300 budget for speakers and amp. 





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