Sonos Voice Control voice response way too loud .... How to change response volume level ?

  • 23 February 2023
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Turned on Sonos Voice Control and it works great.  Problem is that the volume of the Voice Control reponse is much to loud.  No matter what the level of music playing is the Sonos Voice Control reply seems to remain constant … but the volume is problematic as it is so loud.


Hoping there is a way to control and change the volume of the Sonos Voice Control response voice.  Does anyone know how to do this and are you experiencing the same problem where the voice response is much much too loud ?


The command “Hey Sonos Voice Control Softer” does lower the level of the voice control response.  If I set the music level louder though the voice control level seems to then match the music level volume.  Problem is that playing music at 70 or 80% sounds fine and not too loud but then the Voice Control level response changes and sounds much louder that the level of the music that was playing.


Want to be able to play music at a pleasant level and have the Sonos Voice assistant response level stay the same and at a lower level that does not hurt my ears.    This is causing me to not want to use the assistant.



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Hi @kjs-uke 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Currently, the Sonos Voice Control volume is locked to that of the player - there are no separate levels, just as with the other Voice Assistant services.

I can certainly tag this topic as a feature request, however - it will now be seen by the relevant teams for consideration. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for the info Cory.   That is how I thought it was working.  Problem is that often the content you are listening to needs to be louder/loudest (but does not seem too loud) but the Sonos Voice Assistant at max level is much too loud.   Best solution would be to have a setting so user can set the Sonos Voice Assistant level to their choice.  If this can’t be done then the voice assistant level max level should be capped so that the response does not go over certain decibel level that can harm your hearing.  I love the feature but being tied to the volume of the speaker (when speaker at higher levels) makes it unusable.  Hope the team will implement a solution quickly.  

I couldn't agree more. Very disconcerting when the Sonos guy booms out "That's an excellent choice" and all the neighbours hear it.