Improving Sonos Voice “Play More Like This” Feature

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I am loving using the new Sonos Voice Control version 1.1 features particularly when a song is playing on a live radio Stream such as Apple Music 1 and you can say something like : “Hey Sonos, play a station by this artist” or “Hey Sonos, play a playlist by this artist.” You can also say, “Hey Sonos, play more songs by this band/artist.”


I notice that using Sonos Voice Control if a song is playing you can say “play more like this” and it will play one or two further similar songs - perhaps a feature which will be further developed later on - as I would like the stream to play more than one or two similar songs.


I also see the ability in the Sonos App to start a station manually based on/from an individually selected a song. I would love this feature to be available using voice commands - just like the functionality of the HomePod mini - as I am contemplating whether to buy one of these to get this feature or upgrade my audio to stereo audio with an Era 100 - which I tried in a local tech showroom and I must say sounds wonderful. At the moment, I am using a Sonos One (Gen One).


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Hey @deano1x, thank you for the kind words and feedback.

I’ve marked this thread as a feature request and forwarded it to the appropriate teams for consideration.

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Further to your response, I have made an important discovery - using Alexa on Sonos - which might be a solution to this feature suggestion.

  • I asked Alexa to play a specific song on Amazon Music (I don’t have a premium account)
  • It said “playing specific songs is only available on Amazon Music Unlimited.”
  • It went on to say “Here is a playlist based on that song”
  • But the key bit is - if I like a particular style of song - I tried the voice command - “play more like this”
  • The response: “sure here you go.” Or “Right coming right up” or something like that.
  • This will help me Create a custom station based on a specific type of song using Alexa on Sonos One - which can be tailored.
  • So if this works - I don’t need to buy a HomePod mini - to get Siri to do this - as I can work with the Sonos One Gen One - I have already got - although I am tempted to upgrade to the Era 100 at some point - purely for the amazing sound.
  • Hopefully this advice will help other Sonos Users who want to use a feature such as this.
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Thanks for giving a LIKE to my latest follow up post.


The only thing I would say to add though —— is I would still like Sonos to work on this feature for their own voice assistant - as I expect Amazon Music is advertisement supported —- so it would be nice to use “Hey Sonos” commands to create stations based on a song —- as I currently only pay to subscribe to Apple Music as a music streaming service.

Thanks Dean