Using my home VPN to connect to my Sonos system from my office

  • 27 November 2021
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I have a VPN set up in my home so I can remote in and. . . well, it's not really important what I'm using it for. Has anyone had any success connecting to their home VPN with a Sonos speaker? I would love to be able to buy one for my office and have it connect to my music library at home. Searching old posts did not see any queries about the matter before. Thanks.

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2 replies

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There are a lot of things that have to be passed between your two locations. It has been discussed here both as a VPN and when using two local routers.

I would go another direction, get a cheap NAS or build one and set it up to remotely sync to your home NAS. Something like a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a thumb drive for music storage would be plenty of computing power.

my two cents: in line with @Stanley_4 I have a NAS in most locations to listen to my ‘local stored’ music tracks - for the other sites, I am using AirPlay streaming from my MacBook or iPad which works very well - rather than setting up a VPN, you could explore the Plex for Sonos solution, which offers remote access to your media files.