google home is interacting with Sonos

In my lounge I have a playbar linked to my TV (by optical) with two play:3 as surround sound speakers. The TV also has a google chromecast.

I have strange effects happening which might relate to the impending google home integration release but I am not part of that beta as yet .....

If I ask google home to play music from spotify to my chromecast it play the music on the playbar and the play:3 speakers remain silent or almost so (probably is surround sound mode).

If I stop google home playing and use Sonos to play music to this 'room' then the play:3 speakers play the music as well as the playbar.

If I then stop the Sonos sourced music and then ask Google Home to play music to the chromecast again then the Play:3 speakers play the music at the same volume that Sonos was playing them at.

Also if, whilst Google Home music is playing, I group two rooms in my Sonos app (2nd room has another play:3) then the Google sourced music plays in the second room which it would normally be unable to.

Most strange !! What is meant to be happening ?

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