Connecting Sonos Beam AND Hue Sync Box with only one ARC/CEC HTMI output from TV...

  • 28 November 2019
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Hi everyone, 

Has anyone had any experience of successfully setting up a Beam AND a Hue Sync Box on one HDMI CEC/ARC output?

I have a Beam connected to my LG 43UH661V via the HDMI-CEC port on the back of the TV. As you know this gives me Alexa voice control to switch the TV on, off, etc. I want to keep this Alexa functionality (so using the optical port is out of the question) and add a Philips Hue Sync Box to the setup. The Sync Box also required an HDMI ARC or CEC connection but I only have one on the back the the tele.

4 replies

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The philip sync box goes on the source in not the arc out as the idea of it is that it is a hdmi selector as well so it reads the signal being sent to the tv before it gets to the tv

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Thank you for your reply @nwgiles. You are correct that you can put the Hue Sync on an input HDMI but that would not work for live TV or streaming apps on Smart TVs such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

To enable you to use the Sync Box with a source “from” the TV, Philips have made the Sync Box also utilise the HDMI-ARC output. Therefore my question still stands. Thanks anyway.

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thank you, i am getting one so its nice to know

Chunter did you ever figure this out? I just got mine and I’m not sure how to get sound from my beam in tv mode on Sonos using the hue sync