After full reset HomeKit (i.e. delete Home) Sonos speakers cannot be added to HomeKit

  • 4 December 2019
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Hi All,

I have a problem with adding my Sonos speakers to HomeKit after i did a reset of my HomeKit (i.e. removing the house and re-creating it).

The speakers are found by the Home-app, but when i tap the Sonos speaker i get a response “Airplay Unable to to connect to [name speaker]”. This is strange because AirPlay does work correctly when selected. Only problem is that i cannot add the speaker to Apple’s HomeApp.

I did read through the forum but nothing works for me. I did:

  • Reboot the (i.e. power cycle) the Sonos speakers
  • Reboot my iPhone
  • Restarted my Router

See attached screenshots on the procedure i followed. I also added a screenshot of My System in the Sonos-app.

Who can help?


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3 replies


I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ve tried logging out of iCloud and resetting network settings in my iPhone. I’ve also logged out of iCloud and restarted my Apple TV (HomeKit Hub). I could successfully add one new Sonos One to the new HomeKit Home I created, but I could not add another Sonos One which had been a part of my previous HomeKit Home. The previously-added device shows up in the Home app, in the Sonos app, in the AirPlay 2 playback list, and in a Bonjour browser app. Same errors as @rgestel. (BTW—thanks for the excellent and detailed write-up.) I haven’t tried factory-resetting the troublesome Sonos One yet, but that’s my next troubleshooting plan.


Update: After factory-resetting the previously-added Sonos One (by holding the connect button while plugging the speaker into power) and configuring it anew in the Sonos app, I was able to add it to my newly-created HomeKit Home successfully.

Indeed.That helped. So, solved.

I just did a factory reset of the speakers and now i was able to add to HomeKit.