Adding Sonos System to Apple Home as Accessory

  • 14 November 2021
  • 2 replies


I’ve tried multiple times to connect my Sonos system to Apple Home on both my ipad and iphone and it always fails. Home is able to detect my Sonos system (Arc, Sub and surrounds) but when I select it, the Home app continually gives the error "Unable to  add accessory. Home couldn't connect to this accessory" 

I've tried resetting all my Sonos products and after that's complete, the error persists. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

I'm able to Airplay to my Sonos system from an Apple device but I can't add to home to enable Siri. Google Assistant is hopeless in NZ and I've found Alexa is error prone. Siri just works so I'd like to connect to Apple Home. 

2 replies

Maybe try a reboot of your local router and check for any Sonos updates - Check your mobile App and iOS system are up-to-date. 

Those things can sometimes fixes the issue and it’s helpful to position yourself with the mobile/Home App near the Arc when adding it as an accessory.

Are you using iCloud private relay, by any chance? (iPhone wifi settings) -- if so, try turning that off when going through wifi config for the speakers. Also, if you’re using a “private IP,” note that will result in your iPhone having a different MAC address on file with the speakers than when not using the feature. The latter part should only matter if the state changes. In other words, if your speakers know your phone as XX;XX;XX;XX;XX;XX and suddenly it becomes YY;YY;YY;YY;YY;YY, they won’t know what’s going on.


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