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Can I use the same Sonos app for two homes with two different WiFi configurations? I have our primary home with the Five and two Move speakers on the latest Sonos app. We have a small vacation home that would only need a Roam speaker. I would not bring the Roam into the primary home. It would cradle at the vacation home and be used in the second location only. I would still like to use the Sonos app, and only have access to the Roam when I’m in our vacation home. Is that possible? 

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You can use the same App but you would need to create two Sonos accounts, one for each house, as they are wi-fi/location specific.  The App will connect in each location without issue, as the set-up is stored within each device and not the App.


You may need to factory reset the Roam and add it to the second account , if you have already added it to your main home account.

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Hi @TPI 

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@UKMedia is correct - but this is only necessary if you want to use the same Voice Assistant in both locations. Otherwise, you can factory reset the Roam and set up a new system in the Sonos app in the second location, but using your existing Sonos account - you will then have two “households” on that one account.

See our Set up a new Sonos system in a new location help page for more details.

Thanks! For clarity, I don’t have the Roam yet. It would be unboxed in the new location. Sounds like I can do it straight away and create a second household under one account. I’ll read over the article   Thanks again!