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      Having lots of sonos devices both older and new generation all over the house, these days it is becoming very difficult to keep s1 and s2 separate and managing the devices separately. And managing music services with restrictions are becoming increasingly annoying nowadays. If sonos could kindly come up with a new app which combines both s1 and s2 in one single app and group the older and newer gen devices in separate zones internally. I understand the 2 generations have technical incompatibility and we have 2 apps to manage that, but keeping them separate in 2 zones under 1 app would be possible if they want to make the decade old sonos fans happy.  Accumulated over the time and giving up lot of those incredible devices which works and sounds great for 30% discount is not always easy as we think.  I believe many of the old sonos fans would love this idea. Just thought of asking it here..


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While waiting for Sonos you might want to check out the app developed by forum member @controlav which I believe combines S1 and S2.

Sonos will likely chime in, but I would be surprised if this is implemented since this would complicate things tremendously and increase the possibility of bugs on the S1 system.  The idea behind S1 was to freeze things as much as possible, beyond basic security and bug fixes 

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For iOS, SonoPad/SonoPhone support multiple Sonos households, S1 and S2, in a single app. For Windows, Phonos Universal (my app) does the same but not as cleanly (it asks which system when you start it up).

No third party app supports any Setup or Configuration options, that will always need to be done from an official app.

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Hi @SonosAllDay, thanks for sharing this with the Sonos Community!

As mentioned by melvimbe, this would likely add some complications, however I can certainly see that controlling both systems from a single app would be useful, and I’ll be happy to pass this on to our development team on your behalf :)