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Tips and Tricks and Sonos 101

I was thinking that a tips and tricks heading for Sonos users to share things would be nice. A Sonos 101 heading in trouble shooting that tells them basics things to do when having troubles.

Show your new Sonos Amp setups!

Show your setups, share tips and tricks etc.

Sonos in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Hi everyone, I thought it would be best to start a single thread to bring together all tips and tricks for using Sonos systems in India. I recently got myself a pair of Sonos Ones and have been readi...

Can’t update Sonos Controler

Since long time back (12m) my Sonos stopped working. When trying to start the Sonos app and start playing it says the Sonos Controller needs to be updated. The problem; it cant update. It tries for a...

Additions and Features

Hey! So, my brother and I bought a Sonos Beam and Sub in June. Works amazing and we love it. I just have a few questions on expandability and features. First off, We have a Sonos Beam and Sub. Are we...

Sonos:Connect SonosNet connection resetting

Hello there- I have a Connect that is set up in my home through SonosNet. I have a total of 2 play:1, 2 Play 5 and 1 connect. All are connected with good status lights and I can play to all of the int...

New Sonos User (Handful of Questions)

Hi- I have the Beam and a Play 3 and have a handful of questions of various topics. I do not subscribe to a music service but have thousands of songs that I have purchased over Itunes. 1) Certain...

Alexa Multiroom

Hello, I have a now a few sonos products. This is my set set up: Living Room: Play 3 2 times Sub Playbar Kitchen One Bedroom Play 1 Bathroom: Play 1 Now if i use alexa it will not pair my groups...

Setup, Install, and Getting the most from Sonos Amp

Welcome! Here you can find tips and tricks, how to get started, and many answers to the questions you might have about how to use the Sonos Amp. For the basic details, check out our introductory post...

Two different settings in one room

Hello you all I just bought a Playbase and 2 play 1 speakers. I like to use these fore watching TV and listening music in my living room I placed the play 1 speakers behind my sofa and the Playbase an...

Playbar -- dissapointed in music playback

I got a Playbar for Christmas (already own a gen II Play5 and 2 Play3s). I LOVE the Play5. Based on all of the reviews, I thought that I would really like the Playbar, but I just don't think it soun...

Sonos seems to think Sub is a Playbar

I have factory reset every Sonos component many times and still have the following problem. I add the first playbar and 2 surrounds fine (no subwoofer). I add the second playbar, but when I add its...

Class Action

i have excitingly bought 3 simultaneous Sonos systems for two of our facilities and one for our home. I didn't realize what a piece of garbage this product was until the frustrating day each day of l...

Wireless connection dropping

Hi, I keep getting a constant error message telling me that I need to be connected to a wireless network. The music doesn't stop or cut out but it means I don't have access to the usual interface. Th...

Play 5 2. gen will not factory reset

My play 5 2. generation is not factory resetting. I have unpluged it and hold down the pause button, but the speaker never shows the amber light. Any idea?

SONOS 5 not playing music but is connected in the controller

Hello folks! Proud Sonos owner for the past 5 years and have a SONOS 5, SONOS 3, and two SONOS 1s. Recently, my SONOS 5 speakers stopped playing audio. I have reset my router, uninstalled then inst...

Can’t reliably connect my sonos beam to my TV

Got my sonos bean about a week ago, during initial setup I couldn’t get my TV connection to work using the HDMI arc. I used the optical adapter and was successful in making the connection and that wor...

Working with Linksys Velop

I recently moved to a new, larger home and started from scratch. I purchased the 3-node Linksys Velop system for Wifi coverage and have 5 Sonos units. I have seemingly very good Wifi coverage with a...

Play 5 connects in Software but unable to play sound

I have tried many of the tips and tricks on the board. The Play 5 shows up in the Sonos player on my Windows 10 PC. I send music to the device and it shows its playing and hear nothing. Did the same w...

My Sonos system suddenly stops playing after a few mins of playing.

I have a sonos system (Play:5, Play:3 and Bridge). Have been working like a charm for years, but after changing to a new ISP and hence getting a new Wifi router the system now stops playing after a fe...

Speakers intermittently cut out when grouped with Soundbar and playing TV

Over the past 2 weeks, I bought 4 PLAY:3's. Last week I bought a Soundbar Playbar. I finally had time to move 2 speakers to the den with the TV & Soundbar. I can play music through the Soundbar and 2...

Play 5 with Play 5 Gen 2

Can I use my old play 5 and a new play 5 Gen 2 as a stereo pair ?

Set up tips please

Tips for setting up

Is there anyway to stream Spotify without upgrading to a "premium" Spotify account?

Maybe I just missed it in the sales literature and my pre-purchase research...but I'm surprised (disappointed really) to find out during Sonos installation that it requires a "premium" spotify account...

Sonos intermittently skipping

I have had issues with songs intermittently skipping. I have gone through support several times and read various forum posts. Eventually I replaced my old bridge with the newer Boost in the hope that...


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