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looking to get started with sonos

hi! i'm looking for some advice: i'm thinking to get a few sonos:1's to put in the living room and kitchen, which would usually but not necessarily always be playing the same thing. then i'd like to...

I can no longer control my SONOS Play 1 speakers with my Apple Series 1 watch. Is there a fix?

I have 8 SONOS Play 1 speakers throughout my house and shop (without voice control). Up until the last round of software upgrades by both Apple and SONOS I had been able to control the speaker volume...

Disappearing Sonos pieces... sometimes it's a speaker, sometimes it's a whole room

My wife says this has been ongoing, but I haven't been home, so when I got home and saw it, I submitted diagnostic 1334753797. The issue is that various speakers have been dropping out of Sonos. I ha...

How does sonos work?

Have had sonos for 3 years and still not been able to get it to work once. Is there a way to simply use it like Bluetooth?

Lost connection to system after latest update

Installed update and have lost connection to my system. The playbar connected to the tv plays when the tv is on but otherwise I have lost access to three play:1s and a play:3 and as far as music is co...

Speaker groups, Alexa, and Amazon Music

I have searched for help on my issue, and I found one answer that is several months old. I am writing now to learn if anything has changed relative to my question. I recently subscribed to Amazon Mu...

Connect with existing 2-zone receiver + Dot vs One vs ____?

Hi All, New to the forum and to the Sonos product! After a week with the Beam...first Sonos speaker and first Alexa product...I'm in love guys! Already ended up...after just a few days...ordering a...

Beam-connected TV has audio skipping in other Sonos zones

I recently replaced TV soundbar with a beam, in part so when listening to TV news I could group with other zones, e.g. living room, and listen to the audio. That seemed to work well at first. The o...

1 of my paired sonos 1 speakers is not playing

my speakers have been playing fine but then 1 stopped playing. The light on top is still white and I can use the controls (pause, play, volume) but no music. I tried unpairing and resetting them up an...

Is it just me ......

Apps, cr100 and basic ease of use - it seems that sonos is trying to make my life difficult I have about 16 zones and hav added various player over the years - have had the odd network issue now and t...

Sonos App Cutting my iTunes Songs Short

I just set up my iPod Touch with my WiFi, and started playing my songs, yaaay! However, the songs stop short and go to the next song I had earlier transferred my iTunes Library from my MAC (which h...

Alexa, Play Deezer

Starting today, Deezer is now playing to Sonos with Alexa! Deezer offers over 53 million tracks at your fingertips. You can enjoy songs selected from their library, or enjoy an almost endless select...

SONOS jumping mid-song on an Ipad

When I am playing songs on my iPAD to my SONOS Play1 it will switch to the next song in the middle of the current song. This started happening a month or so ago and I thought it might have been relat...

Podcast control and dropout issues after last Sonos update.

Hello: I have been having issues playing back downloaded podcasts on my iPhone 5S that seem to have started when I downloaded the last Sonos app update. The issues are: 1) Podcast playback stops freq...

Not possible to delay update

My wife was in a hurry to change the radio channel and started the Android app and it went straight into system update mode. And she could not find any way to get around it to change the radio channel...

Can't Repeat A Track Using Sonos App with Amazon Music Service, Discrepant Functions with Alexa & Sonos App???

I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times, but I can't find it under the search menu. I just got a Play:1 and in discovering more about just using the Sonos App, I was listening to a station that...

Sonos One Volume Issue

Recently the volume on my Sonos One is very low and will not adjust. The only way I can get the volume to work correctly is to unplug unit and plug it back in. I have had the unit for almost a year...

Audible on Sonos

Starting today, Audible is now available on Sonos! You can now play from Audible on Sonos using the Sonos app or directly to Sonos players using the Audible app. Later this year, you’ll also be able t...

Music is frequently cutting out

Long term sonos user with several components Music is frequently cutting out, mainly on "living room". Also when using controller on Iphone or desktop, music cuts out. Have done several "all system...

Amazon Music Connection Error

I have an Amazon Prime account and started a free on-month trial with Amazon Music Unlimited (previously had Prime Music as one of my music services) so I deleted my old Amazon music service and tried...

iPhone/Android doesn't matter. Cuts off everything

This needs to get fixed, like, now. It has nothing to do with android or ios bc we are having the same issues with iPhone, Galaxy, and Pixel 3. This is 100% a Sonos issue. And you can't tell me it...

New WiFi Router not recognizing all my Sonos speakers

I recently added a new router to increase my speed and WiFi range in my house. I have two Sonos One and 4 Sonos Play 1, plus a Sonos Sub. The first paired Sonos Play1 speakers are inside my bedroom. T...

Sonos (play5) lost to network, no lights or response

I've a play5 that has now just stopped working. Disappeared off my local network and on checking shows no lights or any other indication that is actually working. The app no longer sees this speake...

Alexa, Play Apple Music on Sonos

Starting today, you can use your voice to control Apple Music with Sonos One or Beam, or by using another Alexa-enabled device linked with your Sonos system. Ask Alexa for Apple Music’s expertly cura...

Sonos player is disconnected - speakers not reachable

Hello I have 2x Sonos One set up as a stereo pair. These are connected to my Ubiquiti Unifi network solution, Last night while playing music the music just stopped and the sonos app on my iphone jus...


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