Move 2 vs 1 comparison

  • 3 December 2023
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If you look through my comments in this forum you will see that I am a big fan of the original Sonos Move. I have a stereo pair and, when set up in the garden, are my favourite speakers. I have a garden room with Two 300s and a sub, which is the best sounding but not portable, nor outdoors.
The outdoor listening experience, weather permitting, is great and different and with the two Moves, is my favourite way to listen to music.

Move 2 Purchase

So the Move 2 was announced. Double the battery life and stereo sound from a single unit. So with an upgrade voucher burning a hole in my wallet I decided to upgrade. The Move 1s will always get a decent 2nd hand price. One of the major reasons was the 24hr battery life, anything else would be a plus.

Reading through all the reviews, some mentioned better sound and the stereo capabilities of course, but most focused on the extra battery life, touch controls, changes to the charging brick, Bluetooth changes and the line in capability. 


What I did not expect…The sound!


Today, in a rare break from what has felt like constant rain in the UK, I set up the stereo pairs of Moves side by side in the garden. Given my love of the Move 1's sound I was not expecting much in way of improvement  



I was not prepared for this. The Move 2s are a massive audio improvement. There were so much better that I started to doubt why I ever thought the Move 1s were so good. Of course both are great and proof that unless you listen to decent audio components side by side you will likely be satisfied with what you have.  But if you buy yourself a pair of Move 2s you are in for a treat. If you have Move 1s you may want to avoid the 2s for your wallets sake. 

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Hi @bockersjv,

Thanks for the great post and for your positive review on the Sonos Move 2. I’ve shared this with out team who are always happy to hear about these positive experiences.

If you have anything else to share, please keep it coming and I hope you continue to enjoy your speakers!