Is it good to use the wireless charger with Roam?

  • 4 January 2023
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My original Roam died and has been replaced under warranty.  Since the problems seemed to be power related, I’m thinking of only using this one on USB-C and keeping the wireless charger in a drawer.  Is this paranoid?  The original would regularly drain faster than it’d charge on the wireless pad but the new one seems to be behaving and I was wondering what experiences everyone else had.  I may even try out the voice assistant again on USB-C with this guy, it killed the battery faster than anything else on the first one.  


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4 replies

Are you referring to the wireless charger that Sonos sells with the Roam, or a different Qi charger?  I haven’t had any issues with the Sonos charger, but to be fair, I haven’t put that Roam through heavy use.  I also have some Roams that are ‘permanently’ connected via USB-C and never had any power issues with those.

Yeah the first one I had came with the Sonos wireless charger and Sonos power supply.  The replacement came with a USB C cord I’m using with the Sonos power supply.  The old one did weird stuff with being drained and needing a wired connection to top up, or turning itself on randomly, etc which I haven’t seen yet avoiding the wireless.  But the first one could have just been a lemon rather than the wired vs wireless being the issue.  

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Hi @Gilgaron 

Thanks for your post!

I think the previous Roam was simply a defective unit - using either charging method should not be an issue. 

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I have a Roam that is completely dead, and worthy of only being a doorstop.  I had left it on the wireless charger for a few weeks after it last worked fine.  It was just over a year old and out of warranty. Sonos has said they’ll give me a coupon for a percentage off a new one, but I expect such products to work for much more than a year, so I likely will not spend the money.