unable to play Amazon Music on Move

  • 28 December 2023
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 I am getting an error message "Cannot connect to Amazon Music". I have deleted and re-installed Amazon Musica number of times and I can reach Amazon Music through an iPad device. I can access Youtube Music. Any thoughts?


Best answer by Stanley_4 28 December 2023, 21:47

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6 replies

Remember, it isn’t the controller trying to reach Amazon music, it is the speaker(s). Have you tried a reboot of either the speaker, and/or your router?

This is a Move. Not sure how I reboot it

The unit IS able to communicate with YouTube Music

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Try this

Sonos Move and Move 2
Take your Move product off of the charging base.
Hold the 

 Power button for at least 5 seconds, or until the status light turns off.
Wait 10 seconds.
Press the 

 Power button or place your Move product back onto its charging base.

This is a Move. Not sure how I reboot it

Off the charger, hold its rear top power button for 5+ seconds until you hear the shutdown descending tones. All lights should go out. Wait 10 seconds and then power it on again by pressing the power button, or simply return it to its charger-loop.

edit: @Stanley_4 beat me to it

Worked. Should have thought of this earlier.