Trying to Add Sonos Roam but...

  • 27 May 2023
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I have a Sonos S1 system at home with a Play 3 and Play 5. I realize these are older products. 

I have downloaded the S2 controller to try to add the Sonos Roam I purchased today.

It’s not letting me add it as it’s showing my S1 products and labeling them incompatible. I’m not seeing Roam at all (it’s powered on). Don’t really know what to do at this point. 


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5 replies

Unplug from power your S1 system completely. 

Run the S2 controller, and power on your Roam and set it up. Once you’ve finished setting it up, go back and plug in your S1 system. 


Thank you. I’ll give this a shot!


This worked for me getting the ROAM up and running. I’ve got my S1 Play 5 (original system) up and running. I cannot get my Play 1 working though with the Play 5. I can get either the Play 5 or the Play 1 working but not both at the same time. 

Glad the Roam is working…and that I read, rather than skimmed the rest of your post. 

So, let’s ignore the S2 Roam completely, and focus on the S1 system, which I think contains the PLAY:1 and PLAY:5 gen 1.

Do they both show up in the S1 controller app at the same time? Or is it possible that the PLAY:1 got updated to S2, and now shows up with your Roam? 

Any Sonos speaker can only be on one operating system at a time, so the PLAY:1 can’t be both S2 and group with the Roam, and S1 and group with the PLAY:5, you have to pick one situation or the other.

Give us more details, we can figure this out, but I’m not anxious to type a bunch of instructions until I know they’d be useful ;) 



Hey thanks for the response. Long story short, I ended up calling Sonos support. It was a mess. Over an hour but thankfully all systems are functioning now. Thanks for being willing to help!