Sonos Roam Orange Light

  • 17 March 2023
  • 3 replies

I have 2 sonos Roam speakers. One of which will not connect. I have not used this one for several months. All I get when placed on charger is the orange light but this goes out for after a couple of minutes then nothing. I’ve tried a different charger same thing. 

3 replies

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Are you referring to the orange light on the base of the Roam? If so, place it on the charger and let it charge for a couple of hours.

From Sonos:

”When connected to power, Roam will display a solid orange light to indicate that it’s charging. After about 10 seconds, the light will turn off but Roam will continue to charge.

If the battery is depleted or has a very low charge, the orange light will stay on longer than 10 seconds until Roam has enough charge to turn on. This charging time will vary based on the power adapter Roam is using and how depleted the battery is. Once the battery light turns off, Roam may still require additional charging before it can be used on battery power.”

Yes it is the orange light at the base. It’s been on charge for hours and hours. I’ve even used a different cable but nothing.

It may not be the cable at issue, but what the cable is plugged in to.