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  • 3 March 2024
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I have recently purchased two Roams to replace two aging UE Megaboom speakers.  The Roams are great while on my WiFi but I didn’t know that you cannot pair two roams to Bluetooth.  My ten year old Megabooms would allow “daisy chain” pairing so you could play them in stereo on Bluetooth.  I was shocked that this is not available on the Sonos.  Please let me know if there is a work around.


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5 replies

Bluetooth connects to one Roam. If you are out in the mountains with no WiFi, only one Roam will play. If the Roam has access to WiFi, it can “Group” with other SONOS units (including other Roams) if they are also on that WiFi network. 

Thanks for the reply.  Do you have to go through the whole Sonos set up on the WiFi or if your source (my cell) is on WiFi I can group them?

I don’t recommend attempting to use a Hotspot unless you have a travel router.

SONOS units will keep track of up to 16 WiFi networks. Once you’ve setup a given network, you can freely move between networks. For example, I took one of my units to work and went through the WiFi setup for that location. When I returned the unit home, it informed its mates about the new network. Now I can simply walk-in at work with any of my units and connection will be automatic.

When you walk into an unfamiliar WiFi area, the player will offer to guide you through joining that WiFi.

Factory Reset is not required and will greatly complicate this process.

Just as an added note, when a hotspot is in use, the controller must be on another device, you cannot use a hotspot and a controller on the same device. 

Thank you