SONOS Move Died and Customer Service Was Useless

  • 13 September 2022
  • 1 reply

I tried using my Move and I noticed that it wasn’t connected to the network (I have 8 SONOS products connected). The white light is constantly flashing and I cannot turn it off with the power button or by doing a factory reset. It’s just completely unresponsive.

I called technical support and they were useless. The guy seemed like he had never worked with a Move before and just kept searching the web for solutions that I already tried. Then, he asked for the serial number but didn’t even know where to find it. Finally, after 30 minutes of “troubleshooting”, he told me that I needed to send the unit back to him in exchange for a 30% off coupon. What? So you want me to send the unit back to you so you can refurbish it and sell it and all I get is a 30% off coupon? What kind of business model is this? 

I’ve been a loyal SONOS customer for over 10 years and you can’t even offer help to fix my product or offer an exchange?

1 reply

As a last resort, maybe consider removing the Move’s battery for a short time & reinsert it and see if that gets it going again. You probably have little to lose by perhaps trying that. This link should hopefully assist: