S2 - Should I or shouldn't I?

  • 24 September 2020
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Hi All,

I’m a heavily invested long term user of Sonos and contemplating the trade up program to bring my system to S2 compatibility.  However I’m pretty concerned by what seems to be widespread issues around the S2 controller stability, with so many users reporting connectivity issues after moving from S1 to S2.

I was hoping this might be early teething issues with the S2 app, but after reading recent reviews on the apple App Store (as recent as this week) it seems the same issues are still present and quite widespread.  Specifically the issues I’m referring to are where the S2 controller/app fails to find the Sonos system, speakers drop off, random disconnection issues and delays when pausing/skipping tracks.  I see that Sonos support seem to be in complete denial of these issues blaming the user’s network/environment, but completely ignoring the fact the problems started immediately after switching from S1 to S2.

Can fellow community members comment on their experience with S2, specifically those that have taken the jump from S1 to S2 (Good & Bad).  I’ll be severely pi$$ed if after handing over hard earned cash to bring my system up to date that I’ll go backwards in the process!

For info my setup consists of Boost / (Office) Beam + pair of Play:1s / (Bedroom) pair of Symfonisk lamps / (Kitchen) Play:3 + Move (for kitchen or mobile) / (Dining Room) Play:5 (Gen 1) + Sub / (Lounge) ZP80.  I’m looking to trade up the Play:5 to a Five and ZP80 to Port.

Thanks for any input!

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9 replies

have never had an IOS or OSX upgrade issue in past three years - S2  has worked perfectly for me since day of issue.

I have similar concerns.  I have used Sonos for years and really enjoyed it.  But now it will not shuffle.  I use Pandora and have always been able to have 4 to 6 “stations” shuffle very well.  Now, no shuffle.  So, if this is also an issue with the S2 upgrade then I am considering using another system. 

Does anyone have shuffle issues with their S2?


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I haven’t noticed any difference with connectivity between S1 and S2.  When looking at the number of posts remember that in 2018 (Sorry don’t have the latest figures) Sonos sold 4.6m units which gives some perspective to the amount of issues experienced. :)


It is a very poor upgrade, my system in now down, cannot revert back to S1!  Don’t do it!

Great upgrade, my system continues to work perfectly, no need to revert to S1 whatsoever. Do it!

I’m pretty computer savvy, this has been a disaster.  Not sure what the differences are, but I’m sure I’m not alone in this upgrade not working

And yet hundreds of thousands have had no issue at all, apparently, perhaps millions of households. 

Why not open a new thread with your specific details, and see if the community can assist? Or post a diagnostic, and see if a Sonos rep can see something in the details of that report?

In the majority of cases I’ve seen resolved here in these forums, there have been two common issues. Either local network issues, or attempting to upgrade devices that are not capable of upgrading, and folks ending up mid-upgrade between their devices.

Without details of your particular experience, it’s hard to tell. But it is also challenging to extrapolate your issues to all users. That’s why this forum exists, to help determine, based on anecdotal evidence, where the issue lies, and hopefully assist in a resolution. And if the community can’t help, there are Sonos reps who have access to the data you submit, if you tell them the number of the diagnostic. 

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions?  Omg.


perhsps there should be a caveat, before downloading S2, that gives an easily seen statement saying a bridge isn’t compatible, and simple instructions to change from the few common S1 setups?

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If you don’t need to switch to S2 (eg you have new hardware that only works on S2) then I would stick with S1. It is no longer possible to undo an S2 upgrade.

An exception to this rule is if you use Android: The latest Android S1 app crashes when searching, and Sonos appear uninterested in fixing it, so if that is important to you then a move to S2 makes sense.

I don’t believe S2 has any more issues than S1, but I do believe that the upgrade process itself does pose some risk to system stability. I run both S1 and S2 systems, and once gotten through Setup have been issue-free.