roam battery issues

  • 11 October 2023
  • 2 replies

Very disappointed in the quality of the Sonos Roam. I am an ex-dealer and part of the reason we dropped the line is due to poor support and the fact quality has dropped on both hardware and app. The latest issue is with the Roam battery. This particular roam was always charged on the Sonos base with a Sonos power brick. It stayed there when not in use and was used sparingly. One day it was just dead. No way to revive it even with support from Sonos. I wish they had would stand behind their product but the only option is to receive a 30% credit….which means they continue to profit on the sale of the replacement since dealer cost is MSRP less 30%. No longer the high quality company they once were!

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2 replies

Had a Roam since the first month after release.  Has been on the wireless charging pad except maybe once or twice I used it on battery.  Works great, no problems.  

As to the 30%, can you name another company which gives you 30% towards a new purchase for an out of warranty device?  

Indeed, my Roam has been faultless, both on the charger, and on the battery in the bathroom, no issues whatsoever.