Move incompatible with S2?

  • 4 October 2021
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I’ve been running two ones and a move on S1. They are all supposedly S2 compatible, but when I went to switch, S2 says the Move is not compatible.  This clearly should not be the case.  How do I get the Move to work on S2?   I don’t mind removing it, factory resetting it, etc., but just don’t want to go down a road where I have an unusable speaker.  Thanks.  


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2 replies

That’s really odd. Feel free to factory reset the Move if necessary, if your other speakers are already on S2. 

I’d be awfully tempted to reboot both the router, and power cycle the Move. It really is S2 compatible. 

Unless there’s an electrical issue in the hardware, you’re not going to end up with an unusable speaker. 

Quick update.  After sitting overnight, I went back into S2 and the incompatibility message had cleared.  Everything is working fine.  I suspect that the speaker was still updating and it took overnight to complete (I note that there was no indication on the speaker that it was updating).  In any event, it turned out to be an easy fix and perhaps letting the system sit overnight should be added to trouble shooting protocol.