Move 2 wifi and lack of assistance

Very disappointed. In 2024, one should be able to purchase an item from a technology company that connects to wifi and then bluetooth with about 90 seconds worth of effort. One should also be able to reach support services. None of that is happening with my Sonos experience. I’ve rebooted - please don’t tell me to do that. I cannot get past the screen that tells me to go to settings and turn the local network on for Sonos - did that 17 times. Please don’t tell me to try an Android phone. I have an iphone 14 Pro with updated software - like the majority of people on the planet. If your technology can’t work with Apple products, good luck to you. Your help system is poor. First I was tenth in line, then I somehow got moved to 14th - I guess people can jump the line in your virtual system? Then - when asked to confirm if my software was up to date on my phone, in order to do that I had to go to settings - which closed out the chat. Conveniently for your tech person, who was thoroughly confused by the fact that I had an iphone. Not a great experience. This should be solved easily and quickly, and if it’s not, I’ll be shipping it back and going back to Bose.

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