Conecting four Move speakers to the same system

  • 31 May 2023
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Hi there,


I have four Move speakers and I want to connect them all to the same system so I can add them in the Sonos app, but when I go to my system in the app, it only shows two. What seems to me is that two moves are in one system and the other two in another. How do I make the four moves belong to the same system. Just a note, the four moves are registered in the same email account. Thanks for your help in advance!


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2 replies

Same email account not withstanding, they’re apparently set up as two households. Perform a factory reset on the two that you want to show up with the other two. Connect to the ‘old” two, and use the ‘add a device’ function in the controller, rather than setting up a ‘new system’.


Hi Bruce,


You were right, they were in different households! I did the factory reset as you suggested and I managed to put the four speakers together on the same system and now they all appear in the Sonos app. Now I can  listen to music on all of them synchronized!


Thanks a lot for the help Bruce!