Can't find second Roam SL Speaker

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Hi All,


Hope someone can help.  I’ve been having major problems getting my Sonos speakers, 2 Roam SLs, to connect with my WiFi through my phone - Android with the S2 app.  I occasionally get one speaker (of 2) to connect (let’s call it L) and I think I may have solved this, but the system can’t see the other (R).  The system settings claim a speaker is “powered off,” though I’m standing next to it and the light (white) is on.  Naturally I’d like to resolve this and set up the stereo pair.  I’m not even entirely sure the one that’s connected will stay so, it’ll take a few days to work this out and it seems to connect at random, without changing WiFi settings.


Here’s what I’ve tried so far and noticed, over the space of a couple of weeks:

  • factory reset of both speakers.  This worked once and I got them set up as a stereo pair, but then the system couldn’t find them again.
  • it found them twice by itself, but failed to about 10 times (I gave up and tried on 3 occasions and would estimate about 10 attempts to open the app and connect).
  • it now finds L, but not R, and is claiming a system is “powered off” in the room (there’s only one room I use them in for  now), but R is on and L is playing music in mono now.
  • I’m unable to find R, but if anyone has suggestions on how to make it appear, great.
  • one thing I changed was entering my Internet settings on my phone and changing the MAC to a fixed device MAC rather than the randomized one, though I was already connected at the time.  Since doing this, L reconnects when I restart the app or turn the speaker on or off (though we’re talking about an hour’s worth of experimenting and they’ve tended to disappear after longer shutdowns).
  • My WiFi varies between 5G and 2.4GHz, though this hasn’t actually affect the speaker’s ability to connect from what I can see as I’ve noticed it connected on both bandwidths.

I haven’t been able to get through to my Internet provide so I thought I’d ask here and see if anyone can help out.  Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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Please don’t do any further factory resets, unless requested by Sonos. All that is doing is erasing any data that Sonos would use to help track down what the issue is.

For the record, I only have one Roam, but as I feel this is more likely a network issue, rather than something specific to the software on the Roams, I’ll continue. 

I’m a bit confused about your statement about a ‘fixed device MAC’, since each device should have an assigned one from the chipset for the Wi-Fi. I’m wondering if you mean a fixed IP address in your router’s DHCP table, that you accessed through the router’s interface through your phone?

As a simple test, try this: power all the way down the two Roams. Don’t just put them in ‘sleep’ mode, they need to be fully powered off. Then reboot your router, and give it at least a couple of minutes to reload its firmware. After that, power back on the Sonos Roam’s, which will force them to both reload their own firmware, and request new IP addresses from the ‘refreshed’ router. After a couple of minutes for them to reconnect, test them.

If this does not resolve the issue, submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

Thanks for the help, I’ve tried some of those steps to no avail. Let’s ignore the MAC comment, it’s a phone setting and didn’t have an effect.

I’ve just spent 30 minutes with my Internet provider and we identified no issues there.  I was able to get my iPhone to connect to it (I wasn’t able to try this the time I was on a support call with Sonos for various reasons).  Strangely, after that, the Android connected.  It’s very weird and it seems clear the WiFi works, the speakers work and the music sometimes plays and sounds great (about 10-20% of the time, honestly).  If I can force the connection by using the iPhone first, with AirPlay, then switch to the Android, that’ll be fine, but not ideal, obviously.


The phone is a Google Pixel 7 Pro, so relatively new and maybe there’s an issue between devices there.  The app is BlackPlayer EX, and it’s up-to-date of course; previously it was BlackPlayer, which also didn’t work.  I’m not sure there’s much point in burning time on it, but if anyone has a suggestion on settings on this device (the phone) or music app (could it be the Sonos app is buggy?), I’ll be happy to try them out.  It’s very weird.  Thanks for your advice, by the way!


Edit:  I’ve just discovered this article thanks to some help.  It seems Google has been messing with it’s functionality and is in a law suit with Sonos at the moment.  That might also explain why the BlackPlayer EX cast button is grayed out and does nothing, an app I paid for (not much obviously) specifically to have that function to try to get around the Sonos app and see if that was the issue, which it doesn’t seem to be.  What a pain!  I guess I’m out of luck until this is resolved.


Basically I’ve spent hour upon hour, and at least two hours of Sonos support time was lost, probably killing all profit margins on the speakers, because there is no solution, I don’t feel, except a random mix of setting up my iPhone first, then switching to my Android, but I have yet to replicate this.  Doesn’t seem like it’s Sonos’ fault or anything their support would necessarily be able to predict, but I guess it may affect quite a few people and result in some wanting to return speakers that “don’t work,” even though they probably do.  I was thinking about it due to the epic amount of time lost.  For what it’s worth, Sonos support, both on a purchase issue and this technical issue, has been great and the speakers are amazing.

Sorry but I am puzzled by the statement “ The app is BlackPlayer EX”.  What has this got to do with the Sonos system please?  Are you not using the Sonos app?  The only way you will get a stereo pair of Roams set up is through the Sonos app.

I do not think the lawsuit has anything to do with your problem.  Or indeed any Sonos technical query.

Hi John, I read elsewhere that it’s possible to cast to the speakers with the BlackPlayer App, as per AirPlay on the iPhone, which allows you to play from iTunes directly, a better interface than the Sonos music player.  It seems this is not possible as the cast function does not work in that app.  Of course I’m using the Sonos app, otherwise nothing would be possible.  Another issue is that on my Android and Apple phones, the artists are in a mixed up order, not alphabetical, and it won’t find all playlists.  The playlists are quite random and it found two old ones, but found a newer one when I duplicated it, which was even stranger still and made no sense at all.

To connect my Android, the following sequence seems to work:

  1. Fully shut down speakers, not sleep mode.
  2. Turn speakers on.
  3. Connect iPhone with the Sonos app.  Play music or not on iTunes with AirPlay as Sonos doesn’t see music on my iPhone.
  4. Open the Sonos app on the Android - it’s connected 3 of 4 times in the last day using these steps, which is a lot higher than the less than 20%, probably closer to 10%, without doing this.  It failed once, but I managed to reconnect on a second restart of the speakers and apps.  It’s just lucky I have an iPhone as well or I would never have been able to work this out and get some use out of the speakers, but it’s hardly a solution.
  5. Play music from the Sonos app, but can’t cast from BlackPlayer EX, meaning I need to hunt through a lot of artists not in alphabetical order or searchable.

It seems I can use it, but the experience is less than ideal considering the cost.  I’ve dedicated at least 2 hours to support calls and more playing with phone settings router settings and the speakers themselves.  They sound great, but are quite incredibly annoying due to these issues.  Hope someone has some useful advice here and a better solution to this issue.

So how does the BlackPlayer App connect to Sonos devices? I couldn’t see anywhere online where it mentions it supports Sonos ‘connect’ linking that App to Sonos products using the Sonos API and just to add it’s on the wrong platform to support the Apple Airplay protocol.

I don’t know that App, personally speaking, but it may only support Google Cast and that’s not supported on Sonos products, but as you’re using Roam speakers you can probably use a Bluetooth connection from your Android device and pair it with one of your Roams and then play to your speakers that way, or of course (ideally) use the S2 Sonos App instead.

Your iPhone probably has more compatibility with the Roams, as you can connect not only via the Sonos App, or Bluetooth, but most Apps/Players on the iOS platform Support Airplaying audio to Sonos too. 

Another option supported on most platforms is to perhaps look at the Plex service which is supported by Sonos and of course there are hundred of services that can be added to the Sonos App aswell, such as Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music some elements of which are free, but come with ads/limitations.

Finally the fact you’re seeing your Roams appear/disappear/reappear is another issue altogether and it sounds to me like you’re encountering SSDP multicasting device-discovery issues across your network segments, but that’s just a guess at this stage. 

It’s quite difficult to begin to solve that ‘missing device’ issue at the moment, as more detail is really needed about your network setup and the software running on your router and controller devices to try to offer suggestions on how to fix those things at the moment. However perhaps start by having a read of this LINK.

Thanks for this lengthy reply, Ken.  I was traveling on business for a bit and sort of gave up on this.  After many, many exchanges, Sonos has finally informed me that the WiFi router system I’m using is not compatible with the app.  It works sometimes, but other times no.  I takes quite a bit of throwing salt over shoulders and other random acts to make it connect.  I’m going to try to get the settings of the router adjusted one last time with a technician, but this just isn’t worth the hassle in the end.  If it works, great, the speakers are very good quality and look nice.  If not, time to move on.  I can’t need to unplug my router to force a reset and completely power down, then connect with another phone to make this work.  It totally defeats the purpose of having these speakers.  It’s just a pity I wasn’t informed before the 2 hours on support calls with the company, the hour with my Internet provider, another 3 hours reading up on this and trying to work it out and endless experimenting.  If it works tomorrow and is stable, great, these speakers sound awesome; if not, it’s time for a return.


I mostly agree on BlackPlayer, but  the issue is deeper and it is a very common player that they should probably at least try to support; but I don’t expect everything, to be fair.  That said, the Sonos app should at least find playlists and put artists in alphabetical order.  That’s not dependent on the player, I don’t think.

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For future reference it would be nice to know what wifi set up you are using and that’s according to Sonos is not compatible with their system.

I di believe you are looking at it the wrong way where BlackPlayer is concerned. Sonos has an API - a set of rules explaing how to connect to their systems. So it’s not Sonos that should “try to support” BlackPlayer, but BlackPlayer that could hook on to the Sonos API that’s already there.


It might be helpful to know the make/model of router, just for future reference and in case anyone else here in the community has the same connectivity issue. It may save them wasting their time trying to fix things, if it’s a ‘confirmed’ compatibility issue.

My playlists are all there and each one is stored on the speakers I have, so maybe that’s partly something to do with the router too🤔? My artists in my local library are currently in alphabetical order too by default so not sure what you’re seeing there, but there are ways to sort the library from within the App.

I choose to sort mine by ‘song number’ within an album folder for example (see attached).

Other sorts from external streaming services are down to how that service choose to present them to the Sonos interface. 

It’s down to the BlackPlayer App developers to publish their service to the Sonos API - it’s there for such MSP’s to share their services and content. If they were to perhaps release an iOS version, then everyone can use Airplay, or perhaps just use their current App over a mobile Bluetooth connection instead.

Thanks, both.  I’ve been informed that the router is not compatible, but I find this odd because it works with my iPhone, which I don’t want to use because it’s my work phone and I like to switch it off or put it on mute outside working hours.  That said, the weird sequence above makes the Android work about 90% of the time if the Android fails to connect by itself, i.e. connect the iPhone, play a song then connect the Android.  It’s very odd, but at least it’s working.

As for Blackplayer, fair enough, if the cast function doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.  But the playlist thing is weird and other users have said the same thing when they have a lot of music on their device.  It works perfectly fine by itself, with my car, etc.  I’ve given up on trying to make it work perfectly as it’s basically functioning.  One other key is to leave the speakers on (i.e. not even in sleep mode) and maintain the connection to the router, it seems.

I guess this is just how it has to be with this setup.  The speakers themselves are great when they work.

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Hey, @22L - after the time and effort the guys above put in trying to help you, will you please answer their simple question: which router are you using? Thank you, in anticipation of your reply.  

It was Spectrum’s standard setup of router and modem.  I don’t know who the OEM is, but I shared it with Sonos.  It’s working even better since the latest app update, but I still have to go through the procedure I described above more often than is convenient.  Thanks all for your help, I’m not sure there’s much to discuss here, but I do appreciate the kind support.  I was actually told my router wasn’t compatible, but it works with iPhone practically every time, just not Android.  It’s time to cut my losses on the time invested and enjoy it such as it is.  Thanks again!