Sonos wireless headphones

  • 29 May 2022
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I have heard a rumour that Sonos are going to release the above in the near future.


Does anyone know if it's true?

If so will it be able to play Dolby Atmos content through the headphones?

It's a shame that I can't use my current headphones (Sony MDR-7506 Professional) as there's nowhere to plug them in and they do offer great sound quality!

I sometimes like to listen to music or watch a movie late in the evening and I can't unless I turn the volume right down as I have neighbours both sides with kids and I don't want to fall out with the neighbours lol


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5 replies

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By the way I know I can plug the headphones into the back of my TV but I don't then get to hear it as the Sonos Arc would let me hear it i.e. fantastic sound quality especially Dolby Atmos.

I did see this online link from last February about a Sonos acquisition, but like everything, the part where they mention headphones is just rumour and speculation…

It’s a usual case of ‘let’s wait and see’. Likewise though I think many here would like to see Sonos come up with both headphones and maybe ear-buds too for indoor/outdoor use.

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I think I saw something by sonos stating that they were concentrating on their existing market segments this fiscal year. Headphones are probably a new market segment so that would suggest October is the earliest we will see anything. I definitely fall into the camp that is interested though.



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The headphones should log onto the “surround” 5Ghz channel to keep in sync with the TV images though……..

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The headphones should log onto the “surround” 5Ghz channel to keep in sync with the TV images though……..

I never thought of that and had no idea there would be 'lip sync' like issues!