Okta hack

  • 22 March 2022
  • 4 replies

Hello, any impact due to the potential Okta hack earlier today? Source: Okta hack puts thousands of businesses on high alert - The Verge

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4 replies

According to the article, Okta is claiming there is no evidence of an ongoing attack.  I don’t think Sonos would have evidence to the contrary at this point.

I also like to think that an Okta superuser account would not be able to access Sonos or any of the other business accounts...certainly not without those users being notified about it.   Even then, I’d hope that any Sonos employee that can access user data would require multifactor authentication.  But I don’t know.

Other than access to “personal information”, I can’t see much benefit. Since there’s really nothing beyond that personal data stored about my account except on my local LAN on the speakers, I don’t see them being able to change my settings, of they actually had any access. So, they’d need to get on my local LAN to do any real “damage”, which is unlikely, since Sonos doesn’t have access to my LAN’s password, at least on the cloud. 

Yea, minimal potential for logging on here and posting using my credentials, but then I’m already spammy with my number of posts :) 


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Hi all,


We are engaging closely with Okta to understand more as it continues its investigation. At this time we have seen no indication of suspicious activity.

Thanks everyone for the quick responses and perspectives, much appreciated :)