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Seeing their is no Sonos Discord (or not one I am aware of) and the Sonos Reddit seems to be it’s own little thing, I thought I would try and add a little fun to the Forum here seeing everything is all issues, complaints, etc.. Can you name 5 songs (not previously mentioned) that have a woman’s name in it. It could be the title but it can also be within the song itself. Mine:

Amanda in Amanda by Boston

Mary Ann in More than a Feeling by Boston

Jamie in Jamie’s Got a Gun by Aerosmith

Beth in Beth by Kiss

Roxanne in Roxanne by The Police

All of these are easy ones, but can you name 5 more? Good Luck.

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Sarah - Starship (or was it Airplane at that time?)

Sarah Smile - Hall & Oats

Pamela - Toto

Madeline - Winger 

Maggie May - Rod Stewart



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Molly’s Lips - Nirvana

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Lenny - Supergrass

Alice in Vain - Sleeper

Karla Faye - Mary Gauthier 

  • Julia - Pavlov’s Dog
  • Sylvia’s Mother - Dr Hook & The Medicine Show
  • Mary Ann - Alice Cooper
  • Caroline - Status Quo
  • Josephine - Chris Rea
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Valerie - Steve Winwood
Rosanna - Toto
Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners
Florence - Polyphia
April - TesseracT

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Angie - Rolling Stones 

Maybelliene - Chuck Berry 

Whole lotta Rosie - Ac/dc

Dear Prudence -Beatles 

In memory of Elizabeth Reed - Allman Brothers 

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Oh! Carol - Neil Sedaka

Lorraine - Bad Manners     (I won’t suggest “My Girl Lollipop” as well!)

Help me Rhonda - Beach Boys (or Barbara Anne)

Long Tall Sally - The Beatles

Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly



Can I have another go, please?

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Nadine - Chuck Berry (or Maybellene)

Judy Teen - Cockney Rebel (or What Ruthy Said, or Muriel the Actor)

Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival

New Rose - The Damned

The Jean Genie - David Bowie 

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As a slight variation on girls’ names:


Lady Stardust - David Bowie

Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel

The Acid Queen - The Who

Black Magic Woman - Santana

Can I Take You Home, Little Girl? - The Drifters



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Molly’s Lips - Nirvana

Extra points for an obscure song.

Rosalita - Rosalita

Sandy - 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

Wendy - Born to Run

Kitty - Kitty’s Back

Candy - Candy’s Room

Bobby Jean - Bobby Jean

Terry - Backstreets


Boy, is there a Bruce Springsteen song that doesn’t mention a woman?


Boy, is there a Bruce Springsteen song that doesn’t mention a woman?



Born In the USA


And to go back on track….

Madeline - Hanson

Maria - Willie Nelson

My Maria -  Brooks and Dunn

Jolene - Dolly Parton (I think)

Adia - Sarah Mclachlan

Wasn’t Aida by Guiseppe Verde? 


Wasn’t Aida by Guiseppe Verde? 



Different version.  And it’s Verdi.  😀

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Molly’s Lips - Nirvana

Extra points for an obscure song.

Polly was too obvious 😉


Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Deep Blue Something

Matilda - Parov Stelar

Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles

Tracy Jacks - Blur

Her Name Was Audre - Maximo Park

That’s Not My Name - Ting Tings

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How obscure are these? (I have such eclectic taste, musically!)


Jayne Mansfield - Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Jane Seymour - Rick Wakeman (or others off 6 Wives of Henry 8th album)

Roxette - Dr Feelgood

Scarlet Ribbons - Sinead O’Connor

Dammit Janet - Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

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I really have to stop this - but it’s taxing my brain rather enjoyably. I’ll offer up these, and no more (tonight)…

1/ Obscure?

Maxine - The Photos

Stay With Me Till Dawn - Judy Tzuke

Stella Mae - John Lee Hooker (2 for 1 there?)

Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin

Victoria - The Kinks


2/ Occupations?

Hotel Chambermaid - Rod Stewart

Actress - Carley Simon

Angel of the Morning - PP Arnold

Ukulele Lady - Bette Midler


3/ Girls

My Best Friend’s Girl - The Cars

My Girl - Otis Redding

American Girl - Tom Petty &The Heartbreakers

About a Girl - Nirvana

All the Girls Love Alice - Elton John


4/ Baby

Dream Baby - Roy Orbison

My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone

My Baby Don’t Dance - Marcus Bonfanti

Atari Baby - Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Baby I Don’t Care - Transvision Vamp


And yes: they are all in my collection, built up and played repeatedly over the years!