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  • 5 January 2022
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I use the ambient music app Endel, but can only play it on my phone or over Bluetooth to my guitar amp. Would be great if there was an integration available for this service. 

5 replies

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Contact the developers of that and send them to developer.sonos.com so they can integrate their service into the Sonos system.

hi @Sunwukung I have noticed that Endel also streams via different supported platforms like Spotify (see this link) - maybe this can temporarily help you


Hey! Thank you for bringing this up, Sunwukung!

Endel is available via Alexa on Sonos: ‘Alexa, start Endel’ is the key phrase. Let us know if this works with you 🙏

@Endel Sound is it possible to do the same via Google Assistant over Sonos?

@Endel Sound I’ve switched to Alexa, works a treat - thankyou :)