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Playlist sync

Arguably one of the best things sonos has going for it is the fact that it integrates so well with so many different music sources. Still listening to all of these sources can make tracking music you...

Awesome Experience

Big Kudos to the development and executive team at Sonos. The experience has been truly terrific. I recently added another speaker and was pleased with how simple the installation/addition has becom...

Qnap cinema 28 application and Sonos

I came across this new Qnap application and i was amazed !! It controls all my Sonos devices with no issues so far.. You just drag and Drop the music you want on the devises it discovers and.. voila!!...

Spence interview with The Verge

https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/15/17465084/sonos-ceo-vergecast-interview-google-assistant-siri-atmos Third party audiophile speakers, IKEA, Onkyo...

Google Home Max vs Sonos 5

Google has announced their Home Max speaker. That thing looks like a direct copy of the PLAY:5. No one knows how it compares sound-wise. We'll see when it launches next year. My worry is: Google...

List of Onkyo receivers that work with Sonos

Onkyo said theywould release their list of onkyo and pioneer receivers that work with sonos and they did. https://ce-pro.eu/news/home-cinema/audio-av/pioneer-onkyo-products-now-work-with-sonos-speak...

Homepod - let's get this started...

Searched and nothing on Apple Homepod yet so I'll start this inevitable discussion. I see the Homepod announcement as an opportunity for Sonos rather than an end. Now that they know what the Apple...


As a Jazz fan, I frequently listen to records, because of the sometimes excellent liner notes, which were intelligently written by some great critics. TunesMap is trying to bring back that experience...

'You're better than this' Event June 6

so today is the latest Sonos event. Sadly it wont be live streamed. The 'teaser' image attached Any further speculation what it will be New voice enabled Home Theatre device More on Airplay2 More o...

Ikea and Sonos Partnership

Ikea and Sonos are announcing a partnership with pretty limited information. This could be interesting though. https://www.theverge.com/2017/12/6/16741194/sonos-ikea-partnership-home-smart

Apple AirPlay 2: Does it change things for multi-room audio?

From what I've read on airplay 2, it is believe that apple will have the ability to send audio from your iPhone/ipad to multiple speakers and have them play in sync. Now, this could be just a feature...

Sonos Company Ethicacy, Morality and Integrity Core Values?

In the aftermath of the CR100 debacle it may be helpful to discuss the direction and methods taken by Sonos management to achieve their end goal of retiring the CR100 by force and the impact on and pe...

The End of Personal Music Uploads

Looks like Amazon is planning to end your ability to upload or play personal music files, and many predict that all of the other music streaming services will eventually do the same. https://arstechni...

SONOS Trivia

Hello Everyone Besides the fact that SONOS as a word is a Palindrome meaning it reads/pronounced the same spelled backwards and forwards (pretty neat marketing) I’ve always wondered from whence the...

Sonos Invites Media to June 6 Hardware Event

New Playbar? http://variety.com/2018/digital/news/sonos-june-6-event-1202796800/

June 6, 2018 - Sonos has a big Conference planned.

So mark this date down, sonos plans an announcement on June 6th 2018. It might answer a lot of the rumors and blogs that recently came up. https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/03/sonos-home-theater-even...

Spotify songs not found

Often when searching Spotify songs in the Sonos app, they are not found, even though I know they are there. Good example is Tiesto - Secrets (Future House Edit). This song cannot be found when searchi...

UK Price Rises

I was very disappointed to be informed of the Sonos price rises in the UK. Although the dollar rate is blamed it doesn't account for why the products are much cheaper in some countries? £100 rise on t...

playing Spotify and Tidal content in offline mode

Does anyone know if its possible to play your downloaded Spotify or Tidal content while in 'offline' mode mover Sonos? If not, any idea why not?

I think we need to talk, it may not be working out, your not the easy going down to earth Speaker you told me. You are very high maintenance and difficult, why after all these years?

I have 13 speakers (14 if you count the five that if you plug in will kill the whole system) inclusive of the playbar, sub & sub - along with speakers in every bathroom and bedroom in this HUGE 1,200...

So how do I clean up the My Account Products list?

Looking at the list I have several CR-100s that are now recycled as well as a CR-200 (Control) that died long ago. https://www.sonos.com/myaccount/products How do I clean out the old stuff?

Sonos’s Really Interesting Patent App: Play Music Based on Biometrics Like Sweat

The application (submitted in September 2016) describes how a user would consent to having data collected on biomedical measures such as pulse, perspiration, movement and temperature. The biometric in...

Sonos Gets Ready for an IPO ?

Connected-speaker maker Sonos is gearing up for a public offering, if its latest job postings are any indication. In recent weeks, the company began the search for applicants with public company exper...

Greta van Fleet how did I miss this?

I’m an old rock and roll dude , ex musician and music lover. I listen to every genre, but my roots are in hard drive rock from the 70s. For all you younguns that never got the thrill of a new Zeppeli...


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