How do I rip 5.1 surround sound DVD-audio into a playable format for Sonos?

  • 14 October 2023
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I’ll start with the problem I’m having in as few words as possible:

I have “remastered with 5.1 surround sound” remixes of classic CDs, packaged as a bonus DVD on a CD box set.  (Many of many I’m wanting to remove the need for physical discs and rip them to my NAS so they can be played quickly and easily).  Sonos WILL play them when I rip the DVDs as .iso files.  But those files are huge and the system bogs down and I don’t need all the DVD content, only the DVD audio 5.1 material.

Now the problem.  No matter what I try, and I’ve tried everything, either Sonos doesn’t see the folders containing the files, OR it does see them but complains about them being unsupported.

I understand Sonos supports 24 bit and 48000 kHz.  So I encode with those settings but it still doesn’t see the files, or doesn’t like them.

There must be some combination that works.  They absolutely need to be multichannel for the surround sound to work.  And if THAT is the problem, why does Sonos have no problem doing that when I play the .iso file of the DVD?

.WAV files are much bigger and less desirable but I’d do those if I had to.  But even with all the metadata loaded into them, Sonos doesn’t even see the folders.

I spent a lot of money on these deluxe box sets to hear them in surround sound, can someone assist me so that I can hear them without a bunch of disc swapping?

7 replies

You can’t.  Sonos only supports mono or 2 channel audio from a local library.

And yet it does .iso files.  So the capability is there.

Is this something that will be supported in the future?

ISO files? News to me.

Well, indirectly.  I load the .iso file from Kodi on my NAS, select the .iso as a “movie” file and it behaves as if it were a DVD inserted in a DVD drive, using the DVD menus, etc.  And plays through my Beam just fine.

Oh right. So using Sonos as a UPnP renderer, by the sound of things. 

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In your case Kodi plays the .iso, not Sonos. Could you use an Nvidia Shield with a hard drive connected to your TV?

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There is a program called Handbrake that transcodes DVD’s or ISO’s. Not used it for many years but you could convert the video to something ridiculously small and still keep the audio. This would at least make the files much smaller and you get to pick which audio tracks you want. You “might” be able to strip the audio out if you dig deep enough in the program.


EDIT.. I think it was this app that could dump the video and keep the audio