update failed. no sound

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I just updated to the latest firmware and after ‘finishing up’ the system failed to complete the update and notified me that I hadn’t worked.

I assumed it would have defaulted back to the most recent working setup but it hasn’t - it says that there are no updates available.

the system doesn’t work and no sound coming out of speakers.

What do I do now? I didn’t pay nearly £2000 for this setup to have to deal with this nonsense. After reading about the other issues people have had Sonos is really losing its shine. Unprofessional.

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Hi.  This will almost certainly be a local issue.  Possibly caused by router IP addressing issues as the system reboots.

I suggest you do another ‘check for updates’ in the app to make sure that both the app and the system are fully updated.  then power off your router and Sonos devices.  Power the router fully back up then power on the Sonos speakers.  

Please post back whether that works or not - it’s just the first thing to try.

Please also confirm what you mean by ‘the system does not work’.   Are you getting any error messages?

Force close the controller. After restarting the controller go to Setting → System → About My System and verify that all units are visible and using the same version.