Surround sound - In-Wall compared to Speakers Equivalence

  • 6 April 2024
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Sonos has a lot of home theater setup guidance and with an Arc + Sub (3rd) + rear speakers; they state whether the system is 7.1 or 5.1:  For 7.1 you need an Eras pair, and for 5.1 you need the Ones.  Where do the In-Wall Sonance speakers (with TruePlay) fall?  Would they fall in to the 5.1 category like the Ones?

I’m debating the In-Wall.  I have existing in-wall (2015 episode speakers with very comparable system specs as the Sonance) however the cut out is 12”x8” vs. the Sonos required 10.75”x6.93”, so I think the hole is too big and would cost (dry-wall) a bit to remedy.  But I think I’d only be missing the TruePlay option.  If you have a similar setup, I’d like your opinion on how well it works.  What I don’t want to do is buy a pair of speakers and then have unused in-wall speakers.

p.s. I did search many prior questions and did not see my specific question but several similar ones.

2 replies

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To answer the question: yes, 5.1 


I don’t have a similar setup so I’ll leave that opinion to others..

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On the speaker holes, you might look at framing them, instead of patching the hole, might be cheaper and look better than drywall. All too often they get the spray texture off just enough that the patch is very visible.

Don’t have in-wall here but I’d sure compare the specs of both speakers and see if the smaller Sonos/Sonance might not be a downgrade.