Speakers Cutting In & Out When Grouped

  • 28 July 2020
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Hi Everyone,


I own a Sonos Beam, as well as 4 additional Sonos One SL’s.


I have a 900 sqft apartment, and using Spectrum internet with a download speed of 224 mpbs, upload at 10.4 mbps (if that matters).


When I have the speakers on all at once, when changing songs or hitting next, some speakers cut out for about 30 seconds before coming back on. 


At first I thought this was a Spotify issue so I signed up for Apple Music to test my theory, and it seems to be the same case. 


Does anyone else experience this issue? If so, what has helped you?


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3 replies

Download/upload speed doesn’t generally matter. What matters is the speed between the speakers and the router, or even between the speakers themselves. I’d recommend reading the wifi interference FAQ, and note that in what seems to be most cases, it comes from outside your network, not inside. My own experience was a bad microwave, and then a new neighbor setting up their network in the same channel I was using. 

Following up on this topic. 


Turned out I couldn’t login to my router at the time, so tonight I have upgraded my router where I can login and configure settings. When connecting all my speakers, I see in my wifi settings that my Sonos Beam is on 2.4Ghz connection, while the other 4 Sonos One’s are on 5ghz. I am still experiencing interference. What should I do here? It doesn’t look like I can easily get the Sonos One’s over to the 2.4 ghz connection.



I’m not sure why it makes a difference, it’s interference you should be looking at, not what channel they are connected to. And since you’re running a mesh network, evidenced by the Orbi designation in that data, I would recommend running a ‘wired’ network for your Sonos, by connecting one of your non surround Sonos speakers to the Orbi hub device with an ethernet cable.