Sonos Ray or other Sonos and Sony TV's

  • 13 February 2024
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Think I found answer to why Sony remote doesn't work with Sonos. On your remote, tap the wrench button to get to Quick Settings. Then go to Bluetooth. In Bluetooth setting, turn it off and now the remote volume will control the Somos speaker. 


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Hi @Old Goat, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Thank you for sharing how you were able to get your Sony remote working with your Sonos Ray. By disabling Bluetooth, it likely swapped the remote to IR signals, though this is just me guessing how they work as I don’t own a Sony remote.

This is also what we’d recommend if either the Sonos Arc or Beam are connected using the optical adapter, as connecting via an optical cable or adaptor means the Sonos device is only compatible with IR remotes.

I’m sure this will help other users who have the same issue and if anyone else views this thread, they can also look into the TV remote requirements for Sonos.


So my first entry said to turn off Bluetooth. Not needed. So I had a issue while setting up TV on Wal mount and rest it by accident. So had to re-link them again. This is what seemed to work. My remote was still linked to Sonos it said. If yours isn't, follow Sonos instructions. Then you need to go to your TV settings. Press the setting button,  it looks like a gear. You will.see at top the gear icon. Tap that. Then in display, go to Display and Sound. Then to Audio output. Then to Digital Autio Out. Set it to PCM. Then go back on your phone app for Sonos and go to TV setup. Follow instructions. Once done, you should hear a beep or noise sound meaning it linked. If all went well, when you press the volume on your control you should see the light on the Sonos bar flash with each press. Good luck. It can be frustrating. 


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Hi @Old Goat,

For now, setting your TV output to PCM is fine as you only have the Sonos Ray, but if you were to add surrounds to your system then you wouldn’t get full use of out them. 

If you do add surrounds in the future, or for any other user who comes across this thread, setting the TV output to Passthrough or Auto is what we’d recommend. If your TV remote doesn’t work with Sonos when adjusting the output settings, then check our article regarding TV remotes not being detected by Sonos.