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  • 28 August 2022
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Hi, I made the original post below about 4mo ago. I was given the below solution in blue. I tried the solution & it didn’t work. I’ve been looking for the original Sonos HDMI cable, which I can’t find. I came back to this & tried again. I even did a Android software update to see if that would fix this. Nothing seems to work I followed the instructions exactly & the TV recognized the Sonos. My Sonos app, when I did TV Setup, said I was all set & connected to the TV. The Sonos device made a sound, but there simply is not TV audio coming through my Sonos. When i increase volume, the Sonos lights up but teh TV does not show any volume increase. This is so bizarre, because when I purchsed the Sonos & connected to TV 1st time everything worked perfectly & Sonos gave TV sound for about a year. Then just stopped. Nothing I do solves this. Sonos works fine for music on the Sonos speaker network. Can someone PLEASE help. Is this a Sonos problem or Sony problem??

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I have a Beam that is connected to a Sony Bravia X900H TV. It runs on Android & it has the latest update installed. I purchased both the TV and Sonos Beam a little over a year ago. Right out of the box I installed everything & connected the Beam to TV HDMI eARC input. Everything worked great and TV & Beam synced perfectly & sound was great! Then, slightly less than a year after purchase the Beam stopped providing TV sound. The Beam still works & provide perfect sound as part of my Sonos multi-room wifi audio system. So I now the speaker is working. It just does not work with my TV anymore. I’ve tied everything. I unplugged both Beam & TV for 30 sec, disconnected all HDMI cables & reconnected everything. Does not work. I tried playing around w/various settings. Nothing. I bought a new HMDI cable, nothing. I bought an optical audio adapter & connected the Sonos to the TV optical audio input, nothing. At this point I am at a loss. I guess the only thing I have not done is reset both TV & Beam to factory settings. I’m reluctant to go there until I’ve exhausted everything else. I am at a total loss & very disappointed that I go less than a year & now I no longer have Sonos quality audio on my TV. I stuck with my TV speakers. Had I known it would be like this, would not have bought the Beam and instead the Sony TV audio system. PLEASE HELP me resolve so I can bring back the incredible Sonos sound to my TV. Thanks!


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Disconnect everything from the TV including the Beam. Unplug the TV and Beam from power for a couple of minutes. Plug them both back in but keep them disconnected. Make sure Bravia Sync (CEC) is enabled in the TV settings and set eARC mode to OFF. Run TV Setup under the Beam’s settings in the Sonos app. When the app instructs you to, connect the Beam to the TV’s HDMI ARC/eARC port using the Sonos-supplied HDMI cable. After the Beam has been successfully connected, connect any other devices to the TV.


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I was able to fix it. I had to connect the HDMI to an optical output adaptor & connect to the Optical Output on my TV. At 1st this didn’t work, but I found a setting. I went to Settings → Display & Sounds → Audio Output → Digital Audio Out Volume & set that to Max (it was originally set to 0). Then i switched “Audio Output” to “Audio System” & now the TV plays audio through my Sonos. Very convoluted. I have no idea why the system worked perfectly with HDMI - Arc cable for a year & then I had to do this to get it to work.

Is your TV firmware up to date?

Yes, I believe Firmware is up to date. I did full System Software Update recently.


I did some further trouble shooting after the above mentioned fix, as I noticed that although the speaker was with the digital optical output, I could not control the volume It was fixed. It appears that the Digital Audio Out Volume setting I mentioned above sets the volume. I did a little research & decided to reconnect the HDMI cable to the HDMI (Arc) input & then went back into Settings → Display & Sounds → Audio Output & set eARC to “Auto” & set the Digital Audio Out to “Auto 1” & Dolby Digital Plus Output to “Dolby Digital Plus”. Now everything works fantastic. The sounds is better than ever & voices crystal clear. I can control sound with the TV remote. I think the whole problem had to do with the Digital Audio Out being set to to “PCM”. With this setting the Digital Audio Out Volume had to be set to Max, but even with this I could not control volume & sound quality was not very good. When I originally set up the speaker I had it set to PCM & it worked. I think either Sonos or Sony had a software update that changed something & caused the problem where PCM did not work well & the Digital Audio Out Volume had to be set to Max, where it was set at zero. So, there simply wasn’t sound due to Digital Audio Out Volume setting, which dictates sound in PCM output. Either way, the solution was to switch to Auto 1 Audio Out & Dolby Digital Plus.


Hope the can help someone else that may encounter this problem when they do a software update.