Sonos Arc Connection Samsung Frame TV

  • 12 September 2022
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I have recently purchased a 65” Samsung Frame TV and a Sonos Arc, they preform great and I love the sound from the Arc.

The issue I’m finding is that under certian circumstances the Sonos does not connect porpoerly to the TV. I find that after the TV has been in the Media mode (displaying art work) for some time when I switch to TV the Sonos does not either connect or power up. The TV reverts to internal speaker and I have to go into settings to and change it. It works fine once this is done and even if you go from media and back to TV the Sonos remains working, it really seems to take some time before the same issue occurs. 

I’m wondering if others have seen this similar effect and or if there is any suggested resolution? I have chatted with Sonos support and they quickly sent me to Samsung before I could even ask if this was a know problem hence my post.

2 replies

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Samsung has issues connecting to Sonos. It’s been problematic for a while. Look at the related topics on the right side in the pic. Should have bought a Sony..jmo


So this terribly bothered me (Frame 2022 65” with Beam 2) and I found the solution for me. 

I hope this helps you too.

Not all HDMI cables are equal. You need an HDMI cable with Ethernet. For two weeks I was using an old HDMI cable I found and also losing my mind. After going through my bin of wires, I found an HDMI cable with Ethernet (which I think is needed for ARC). The cable will be labeled if it has ethernet. Now my sound issue is fixed and also Alexa in Sonos can turn on my TV too.