Sharing Devices Between "Rooms"

  • 3 August 2023
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I have (2) Era 100s as a stereo pair and a Sub Mini currently set up in my home office for listening to music while I work. I am looking at getting a Beam soundbar for the TV I have in this room and would like to create a surround sound system while watching movies. Am I able to create two “rooms” in the Sonos app that share devices: Beam + Eras + Sub for TV surround -and- Eras + Sub for music? The devices would stay put in both configurations. If I’m being silly and should just embrace the added audio of the Beam while listening to music, let me know.


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2 replies

That is not possible.  Unfortunately, the configuration of the radios is completely different for surrounds and sub than when used as a stereo pair and a sub.  Surrounds are on a one way direct connection over 5 GHz, whereas a stereo pair are on a normal 2.4 GHz connection.  Reconfiguring takes time to switch the radios and do the handshake and cannot be done on the fly.

It has been a request, however, since Sonos originally released ‘surrounds’ as the PLAY:1 with the PLAYBAR, so far, there’s been no action to change that.