Setting sonos era 100 surround and alone

  • 15 June 2024
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I just bought the system, I have 2 era 100, arc, and sub gen 3, it's sound amazing, but my question is, I want to use only the era for listening music before I sleep, because they are near and side by side my bed... I thought make another room and put only the eras in ti, but I can't find the way... If hope you can help me with this, 


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2 replies

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You can only do this by de-bonding them from the Arc and setting them up as a stereo pair - a tedious process every time you want to reconfigure things. There is a “balance” control to adjust the %age going to Beam and surrounds so you can heavily bias it to your Eras. 

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I’d suggest a bedside Era 100, it will sound great and you’ll skip a huge amount of aggravation re-configuring your Arc Room.

A refurbished ($159) One SL, or a used one if you can find a good one at fire-sale prices.