No sound with BEAM 2 + Epson Eh-TW7100 + Amazon Firestick + Feintech VAX04101

  • 27 June 2023
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Hello everyone,


I’m desperate, I have no sound at all coming from my Beam 2, the sound is coming from the projector only.


Here is my setup:

  • Amazon Firestick 4k Max [The Player]
  • EPSON TW7100 [The Projector]
  • Sonos Beam Gen 2 [The Sound System]
  • Feintech VAX04101 [The HDMI eArc Pass Switch]


On the HDMI 1 port of my projector : Amazon Firestick 4k Max

On the HDMI 2 port of my projector : Feintech VAX04101 


  • On my projector screen, when I put the source HDMI 2, I have pictures from Sonos (see picture 1)
  • On my projector settings, the “Audio Out Device” is on “AV System” and in “Device Connections” we can see “AV System : Sonos Beam : HDMI2” (pictures 2 and 3)
  • On the FeinTech VAX04101, everything seems okay (picture 4), “HDMI OUT (ARC) TO TV” port connected to my projector HDMI 1 port and “1 ARC TO SOUND” port connected to Beam.
  • On the Sonos app, when going to “TV configuration” and pressing next I have the message “The Beam is now connected to your TV” with a sound on the Beam soundbar

But beside all that, when I launch something with my Amazon Firestick, the sound is coming from the projector, not the Beam. I have tried to put my Macbook Air computer instead of the Fire Stick and the sound is still coming from the Projector...


I have spend so much time trying to resolve that and I’m becoming crazy…


Can you help me please ?


Picture 1 
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



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This would be how I’d go about it, so perhaps see if this will maybe work for you…

  1. Connect the Projector to the first HDMI-1 port of the VAX04101 (left hand port as you look from front of the Switch/Extractor).
  2. Connect the Fire-Stick to the second port of the VAX04101 and select that port (HDM-2) as its audio/video input source to play to both your connected Projector and Beam using either its ‘remote’, or  on board ‘selector’ button (located on the front left hand side of the VAX04101 device).
  3. Connect the Beam to last HDMI-5 port (on the far right as you look from front of the Switch/Extractor) 
  4. Set eARC on and EDID to 7.1 audio out

Get the Fire-Stick to play something on your projector by selecting the connected HDMI port from the VAX4101 as its input and just see if that perhaps works for you.🤞


It worked! Thank you so much for your reply!!!