LG Magic Remote Not Controllomg Ray Volume

I have an LG tv and sonos Ray.  The remote was configured to that it recognized by the sonos system, however the volume/mute is not working anymore.  When I try to adjust the volume the it is registering on the tv but not actually doing anything.  Any ideas?


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Sounds like there may have been some sort of change introduced by a software update to the TV, I would go back and reset up the remote up in the Sonos controller’s options for that ‘room’. 

I have the same problem. The volume/mute is not working any more. I think after the last update from LG WebOs. Everything worked fine, but my sonos arc is not responding. I did everything, but nothing helped. Any ideas?

I’d still suspect something changed in the TV and remote, that is where I would be focusing my attention. I’d also be tempted to contact the CS for LG to see what they have to say. 

I also notice when I disconnect and connect the remote again with the sonos app, I can use the vulome/mute again, but not the other (magic) buttons of the remote. 

I used the instructions at this link from Sonos support to change the settings of my LG TV. Now the remote controls the Ray: