Connecting LG B7 TV, Sonos Amp & Sonos Arc

Hi All,

I have got a Sonos Amp which is connected to some ceiling speakers in kitchen which I use for music only (in kitchen/outdoor area). 

I recently bought a Sonos Arc which I have connected to my LG B7 TV fire the HMDI Arc port. 

I was just wondering if there would be any benefit to connecting my AMP to my TV and then my Arc to my AMP? or even if thats possible. When money permits I am hoping to get Sub and surrounds etc over time also. 


Main reason I ask is I seem to get Dolby 5.1 or 5.1 plus come through on Arc when I check sonos app, but never Dolby Atmos. possible its just what I am watching is not supporting atmos?




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The Arc should be your primary speaker for the TV. If you want to add the Amp to your home theater setup, you can add it as surrounds to the Arc. But since the in-ceiling speakers are in the kitchen, it may not be appropriate for them to be used as surround speakers. You could group the Amp with the Arc in the Sonos app, but you will experience a slight audio delay when playing TV audio from the in-ceiling speakers. Streaming music will be in sync.

You should be able to play some Dolby Atmos content with your setup. I know for sure the B7 supports Dolby Atmos audio from the TV’s native Netflix app. But you need to set the TV to the correct audio settings, and you need a premium Netflix subscription to play Dolby Atmos audio.

thanks for quick reply, yes i thought that would be the case but always worth checking. 

I dont have premium netflix subscription at the moment so I can look at that 😎