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  • 9 July 2023
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Purchased Playbar, Sub, 2 X Play 1’s and a Play 5.

Playbar fails to power up. Am told it is not reparable.

Wish to replace it with Beam Gen 2.


Is the Beam GEN 2 compatible with the original Sub and Play 1’s for Surround?

Can I (or must I) use Sonos Version 2 App for all OR

Can I only use Sonos Version 2 App?


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3 replies

Yes, it’s compatible with all your other speakers. 

I’m fairly certain the Beam gen 2 is S2 only, so you’ll need to update all the speakers to S2.

Oh, you weren’t specific about the PLAY:5. Is it gen 1, or gen 2? Gen 1 is S1 only, but gen 2 is indeed S2 compatible, 

Here is the compatibility list.