Can I connect both eARC sonos soundbar and sonos amp ? but TV only have one eARC port

  • 18 February 2021
  • 1 reply

Is it common to use both Sonos soundbar and Sonos AMP with ARC support. my question is TV only have one single eARC port , is there any audio extractor that can split TV’s eARC port into  two eARC ports so that I can connect two eARC devices such as the Soundbar and Sonso Amp to  power my own speakers.


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1 reply

The short answer is no.  It’s not common and no such audio extractor exists.  Probably best to step back and ask what exactly you’re hoping to accomplish?  Are you trying to se the Amp to power rear surround speakers?  You don’t need a different device as Sonos handles this wireless.  Are you wanting to have TV audio in a different room, using the Amp?  Again, Sonos handles this wirelessly (audio in second room slightly delayed)

You might be able to use an HDMI matrix to send an HDMI source to two HDMI outputs.  Send output to the TV, and then connect TV to the amp. For the other output, connect to an HD Fury Arcana  then to the Sonos Arc.  However, this is not the right way to accomplish any of the two common needs I mentioned already.