Beam w splitter and hdmi over cat

Hi all

ive got an older Epson Powerlite projector. Only audio out is analog rca. I’ve got a Roku 4K stick going into a 1x2 hdmi splitter then the split goes direct hdmi to the projector and I’ve got hdmi over cat5 extender to the beam. 

Im unable to get through setup as the beam isn’t getting an arc connection. I’ve got now digital out on the projector so that’s not an option. 

in theory l, shouldn’t this setup work? Maybe need to upgrade my extender?

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As it stands this won’t work, as the Beam expects an HDMI-ARC/eARC signal. You’re sending it standard HDMI.

Probably the simplest/cheapest solution would be to use an HDMI-to-optical audio extractor, along with the Sonos optical-to-HDMI adapter. This won’t get you Atmos, but will support Dolby 5.1.

Thanks @ratty 

Think this would do the trick?


Then I could nix the hdmi extender and just go direct hdmi to the projector and drop a long optical for the beam?

There are loads to choose from. That one should work.

But how long an optical cable were you considering? 5m is generally regarded as the safe limit, though it can work fine up to 10m. Coaxial can run much longer distances so you could always use an extractor that supports coax and put it through a coax-optical converter at the Beam end. Or stick with the HDMI/Cat5 extender of course.

@ratty Right you are. I’d be pushing it with that. Probably 25 feet or so. Ive already got the Cat run and the extenders mounted so Im better off just sticking with that. I was just looking at eliminating a few pieces with the direct run.