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  • 8 April 2024
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I’m sure this has been asked here before…
I moved my Sonos One (paired) from my Garage to TV Room, after adding wall mounts for Ones. In order to use the Ones as 5.1 (with my existing PlayBase/Sub/Fives) I have to unpair the Ones? What happens when I want to play just music in the TV Room, since my Ones are not paired anymore? Do I have to pair the Ones everytime I want to listen to music and unpair them when I want to use them as my 5.1?


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4 replies

Or, you go in to the surround settings, and set the room to ‘Full’ for music playback, so the Ones act like normal stereo speakers. You can’t turn off the PLAYBASE completely, but you can, in the same area, change the relative volume between the rear speakers and the front soundbar. 

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Do I need to remove my existing surround (PlayBase/Sub/Fives)in my app settings in order to add my Ones? 

Yes, you can only have one pair of surrounds at a time. 

Or, to put it another way, Sonos doesn’t support more speakers in a ‘home theater’ room than a soundbar and two surrounds, with up to two Subs.