2 issues with Sonos and Google Assistant

  • 18 April 2021
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I have a Sonos Arc and Sub (Gen 3) and have 2 issues related to these products.  The first issue has to do with the google assistant and asking the sonos arc to play music with Spotify.  Until recently it has worked fine however now I receive a response that says “Sorry, it looks like the sonos isn't available right now”.  I have done a full factory reset on both arc and sub, disconnected and reconnected my google assistant, unlinked and linked my Spotify account.  None of these has worked.

The second issue I have is that while watching TV or listening to music, every so often the Sonos arc will dim the sound down to really low for about 3-5 seconds and then return the sound to normal.  It happens at different times as at first I thought there was something happening at a specific time like a notification but there is nothing consistent about it.

Any help with any of these would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Hi @Bolanaise 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

As you’ve already tried a reset of your Sonos products, it seems there’s a problem with the link between your Google Assistant account and Sonos devices. 

Please remove Google Assistant from your Sonos devices - in the Sonos app, select Settings » Services & Voice » Google Assistant » [room name] » Remove Google Assistant.

Once that’s done, we now want to unlink Sonos from Google. Please go into the Google Assistant app and follow these steps:


  • Tap the user icon in the top right hand corner of the Google Assistant app.
  • Scroll down and select the Devices option.
  • Tap on each Sonos device listed and select Unlink at the bottom of the options.
  • Open a Web Browser on the Customer's PC/Mac and visit
  • Click the user's picture in the top right, and select Manage your Google Account. If the account is not signed in, first sign in, then attempt this step.
  • Ensure you see the Home tab on the left, then select Security from the options.
  • Select Manage third-party access under Third-party apps with account access.
  • Look under Google apps and see if there is a selection called Sonos Google Assistant Built-in Speaker. If there is, select it and select Remove Access.

With that done, please add Google Assistant back to Sonos from the Sonos app - Settings » Services & Voice » Add a Voice Assistant » Google Assistant  » Add to Sonos.

If you still have issues, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system.


The Arc going quieter momentarily is most likely it “ducking” the volume due to it thinking it has to listen for a command. If you tap the microphone button on the Arc so the small microphone light is off, does that stop the problem? If so, I recommend you try Alexa instead - you may find “her” less sensitive to background noises.

Thanks @Corry P.  I will try these and let you know how I go.